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Advertisments & Time Tables

Going back in time when the Carvair was being commercialized, this ad is from Flight International dated June 23rd, 1966. It was sent to me by Luc de Paepe from Gent, Belgium.
The following ad is from the French magazine L'Aviation, published in the sixties and was sent to me by Fernand Van De Plas. It illustrates how CAT used the Carvair for routes to Mediterrenean islands.
Also sent by Fernand Van De Plas - the extensive route network British United Air Ferries.

Time tables of BUAF / BAF
Found these time table front pages on a dedicated website by Bjorn Larsson & David Zekria ( Airline Timetable Images ). This illustrates the use of the Carvair as combined car and people transport plane.

Postcard from Middelkerke
Got this postcard from Luc de Paepe. It shows a BUA Carvair being loaded with a car.
Apparently this was considered a highlight when visiting Middelkerke!