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Carvair @ Southend

Carvair @ Southend Airport by Richard Vandervord
In August 2005 I received an e-mail from Richard Vandervord (see text below). A few e-mails and less than 2 weeks later, I received great and unique photo material, a sample of which you can enjoy on this page.

"Hi Paul, An old friend of mine has just pointed me to your website devoted to the Carvair. I was delighted to see this as the Carvair is very dear to me too. I lived in Southend till 1980 and have that to thank for becoming an avid propliner enthusiast. As I worked at SEN with Customs from 1973 to 1980, I had good ramp access and took plenty of slides. When N80FA was delivered to Falcon in 1979, I chartered a Cessna 150 for an air-to-air session, and even sold my Triumph Vitesse car to the airline chief who duly loaded it on one of the Carvairs to take home to the States - I later had the opportunity to drive it again, on the freeways of Atlanta.... Richard Vandervord."

Carvair @ Southend Airport by Martyn Young
Another unique contribution for the site, pictures from the mid sixties sent to me by Mr Martyn Young (see e-mail below) in March 2009. Enjoy!

"Hi, I have just found your website dedicated to the ATL-98 Carvair. I was born in Southend in the mid 1950's, and grew up very near to the airport. My formative years were spent watching aircraft come and go, and in particular the Carvair. My late father was a keen photographer, and he passed this on to me. I have a number of slides taken of Carvairs and other aircraft at Southend, and if they are of interest, I would be happy to scan them and email them on to you. This may take me a couple of weeks, but I would love to share our memories with other Carvair fans. Please let me know if this is of interest to you. Great site!! Kind regards, Martyn Young."

Carvair @ Southend Airport by Paul Howlen
More unique contribution to the site, this time pictures from the early seventies sent to me by Mr Paul Howlen (see e-mail below) in July 2011.

"Dear Paul, I stumbled across your Carvair site and was very interested. I come from the Southend area and used to watch planes there at the weekends in the 70's. I have attached some photo's which may be of interest including one which is not really of a Carvair but a ramp scene with DC6 or 7. It's a shame there are none left flying. After years in the Doldrums Southend Airport is on the up again with a new terminal so maybe they can salvage one and restore it as a Gate Guardian! Anyway, cheers. Paul Howlen."